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John Commentaries 1 - Main Index of Commentaries and Sermons
John Commentaries 2 - Additional Commentaries and Sermons on John
John Commentaries 3 - Devotionals from Our Daily Bread


John Resources
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Barnes, Albert

Notes on the New Testament on John Click

Bengel, Johann

Commentary on John - From "Gnomon of the New Testament" (1877) Click

Boa, Ken

Commentary on John Click

Carr, Alan

Sermons on John Click

Calvin, John

Commentary on John Click
Constable, Thomas Commentary Notes on John Click
Meyer, F B Commentary on John Click
Meyer, F B Devotionals on John Click
Guzik, Dave Commentary on John Click
Hymns Hymns related to John (Cyberhymnal) Click
Illustrations From 10,000 Illustrations at on John Click
Intervarsity Press Commentary on John Click
Johnson, S Lewis Sermons on John Click
MacArthur, John Sermons on John Click
Miscellaneous Resources Over 150 resources indexed by Scripture on John Click
Newton, Phil Sermons on John Click
Our Daily Bread Hundreds of links to Illustrations offsite on John Click
Our Daily Bread Over 50 Devotional Illustrations onsite on John Click
Parker, Joseph The People's Bible - Commentary on John Click
Robertson, A. T. Word Pictures in the NT on John Click
Ryle, J C Commentary on John Click
Spurgeon,  C H Sermons on John Click
Spurgeon, C H Devotionals: Morning & Evening, Faith's Checkbook  on John Click
Stedman, Ray Sermons on John Click
Vincent, Marvin Greek Word Study on John Click

John: Precept Upon Precept
Precept Ministries International Inductive Study
Lesson 1 of each part can be downloaded as Pdf

John Part 1

John 1-6

John Part 2

John 7-11

John Part 3

John 12-21

Bob Deffinbaugh
Commentary on John

Intro to John

John: The Man &His Gospel

John 1:1-18     

John 1:19-37

John 1:35-51

John 2:1-11

John 2:12-22

John 2:23-25

John 3:1-21

John 3:22-36

John 4:1-42

John 4:43-54

John 5:1-18

John 5:19-30

John 5:31-47

John 6:1-21

John 6:22-71

John 7:1-52

John 7:53–8:11

John 8:12-30

John 8:31-59

John 9:1-12

John 9:13-41

John 10:1-18

John 10:19-42

John 11:1-37

John 11:38-53

John 12:1-8

John 12:9-19

John 12:20-50

John 13:1-17

John 13:18-30

John 13:31-38

John 14:1-31

John 15:1-17)

John 15:18–16:11

John 16:12-33

John 17:1-5

John 17:6-19

John 17:20-26

John 18:1-11

John 18:12-27

John 18:28-38

John 18:28–19:16

John 19:17-37

John 19:38–20:9

John 20:10-31

John 21:1-25


What Child Is This?

The Witness of John

The First Disciples

The First Sign: Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

The Cleansing of the Temple

Second Class Faith

Jesus and Nicodemus

John’s Joy and His Disciples’ Jealousy

The Woman at the Well

Jesus Heals the Royal Official’s Son

Jesus Heals the Man at the Pool of Bethesda

Like Father, Like Son

Why the Jews Are Against Jesus

The Messiah: Mightier Than Moses

The Bread of Life

Jesus in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles

The Savior and the Sinner

The Light of the World

Like Father, Like Son

Jesus and the Man Born Blind

The Blind Man Gets a Hearing

The Good Shepherd

The Sovereign Shepherd

Dealing With Death

The Raising of Lazarus

The Sweet Smell of Love and the Stench of Greed

The Un-Triumphal Entry

The Greeks Seek Jesus

Menial Service


The Eleventh Commandment

Having a Friend in High Places

Abiding in Christ

The Christian and the World

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus: Part I

The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus: Part II

The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus: Part III

Jesus, Lord at Thy Death

Did Jesus Take the Fifth Amendment?

Jesus Before Pilate: Part I

Jesus Before Pilate: Part II

The Crucifixion

The Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

On Seeing and Believing

What Is This Thing Called Love?

An Overview of John in Retrospect

Explore the Bible
Teacher helps for Lifeway Series
 on John

Understanding Real Life (John 1:1—4:54

John 1:1-18: Recognizing Real Life
John 1:19-51: Willing to See
John 2: Believing in Jesus
John 3: Being Born Again
John 4: Having Eternal Life

Considering Real Life (John 5:1—8:59)

John 5: Real Life or Judgment?
John 6: Real Life and Commitment
John 7: Real Life and God’s Spirit
John 8: Real Life Is for Sinners

Experiencing Real Life (John 9:1—12:50)

John 9: Be Changed
John 10: Live in God’s Care
John 11: Have Assurance of Life after Death
John 12: Serve God

Living in the Real World (John 13:1—16:4)

John 13:1-38: A Serving Life
John 14: A Confident Life
John 15:1-17: A Productive Life
John 15:18-16:4: A Faithful Life

Rising Above the Real World (John 16:5—17:26)

John 16:5-15: Genuine Spirituality
John 16:16-33: Victorious Joy
John 17:1-26: Purposeful Prayer

Trouble in the Real World (John 18:1—19:42)

John 18:1-40: Standing for the Truth
John 19:1-42: Paying the Price

Choices in the Real World (John 20:1—21:25)

John 20:1-31: Trusting the Risen Christ
John 21:1-25: Following the Risen Christ

W Hall Harris III
Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary
Exegetical Commentary
on John



John &Synoptic Gospels

John 1:1-18

John 1:19 - 51

John 2

John 3

John 4

John 5

John 6

John 7

John 8

John 9

John 10

John 11

John 12

John 13

John 14

John 15

John 16

John 17

John 18

John 19

John 20

John 21

Illustrations on John


John 1:1

John 1:6-37

John 1:12

John 1:41

John 1.8-9


John 2:1-11


John 3:6-7

John 3:11-12

John 3:16

John 3:1-18

John 3:20-21

John 3:22-30

John 3:30


John 4

John 4:1-26

John 4:25ff
John 4:32-37

John 4:35


John 5

John 5:1-9

John 5:4

John 5:17-18

John 5:28-9

John 5:39


John 6

John 6:1-14

John 6:9

John 6:15-21

John 6:53-56


John 7:26

John 4:13-14

John 7:37

John 7:45-52


John 8:1-12

John 8:7

John 8:25

John 8:58


John 9

John 9:13-25


John 10

John 10:1ff

John 10:3

John 10:4

John 10:10

John 10:30-33

John 10:34-6

John 10:38

John 11

John 11:21-48

John 11:30-44

John 11:35

John 11:47
John 11:50


John 12:24

John 12:42


John 13:1-17

John 13:13-17

John 13:31-35

John 13:34-35

John 13:15


John 14:2

John 14:6

John 14:12

John 14:15

John 14:16
John 14:1-14


John 15:1-17

John 15:12

John 15:13

John 15:1-18

John 15:18-19


John 16:8

John 16:14

John 16:24


John 17

John 17:4

John 17:15

John 17:16

John 17:20-21


John 18:1-11

John 18:17

John 18:33-19:16


John 19:1

John 19:1-16

John 19:30

John 19:38


John 20:15

John 20:19-23


John 21:15-22

John 21:16

John 20:24-29


Alexander Maclaren
Expository Sermons on John


John 1

John 2

John 3

John 4

John 5

John 6

John 7

John 8

John 9

John 10

John 11

John 12

John 13

John 14

John 15

John 16

John 17

John 18

John 19

John 20

John 21

Table of Contents

John 1:1-14 The Word in Eternity, in the World, and in the Flesh

John 1:8, 35 The Light and the Lamps

John 1:14, Rev 8:15, 21:3 Three Tabernacles

John 1:16 The Fulness of Christ

John 1:17 Grace and Truth

John 1:29 The World’s Sin-bearer

John 1:37-39 The First Disciples: I. John and Andrew

John 1:40-42 The First Disciples: II. Simon Peter

John 1:43 The First Disciples: III. Philip

John 1:45-49 The First Disciples: IV. Nathanael

John 1:50, 51 The First Disciples: V. Believing and Seeing

John 2:1-11 Jesus the Joy-bringer

John 2:11 The First Miracle in Cana — The Water Made Wine

John 2:16 Christ Cleansing the Temple

John 2:19 The Destroyers and the Restorer

John 3:2 Teacher or Saviour?

John 3:3 Wind and Spirit

John 3:14 The Brazen Serpent

John 3:14 Christ’s Musts

John 3:16 The Lake and the River

John 4:6, 32 The Wearied Christ

John 4:7, 26 Give Me to Drink’

John 4:10 The Gift and the Giver

John 4:14 The Springing Fountain

John 4:54 The Second Miracle

John 5:8 The Third Miracle in John’s Gospel

John 5:17-27 The Life-giver and Judge

John 6:11 The Fourth Miracle in John’s Gospel

John 6:12 'Fragments’ or ‘Broken Pieces’

John 6:19, 20 The Fifth Miracle in John’s Gospel

John 6:28, 29 How to Work the Work of God

John 6:48-50 The Manna

John 7:33, 34, 8:33 One Saying with Two Meanings

John 7:37, 38 The Rock and the Water

John 8:12 The Light of the World

John 8:30, 31 Three Aspects of Faith

John 8:33 'Never in Bondage’

John 9:4 Ro 13:12 One Metaphor and Two Meanings

John 9:6, 7 The 6th Miracle in John’s Gospel-The Blind Made to See, and the Seeing Made Blind

John 10:9 The Gifts to the Flock

John 10:14, 15 The Good Shepherd

John 10:16 Other Sheep’

John 11:5, 6 The Delays of Love

John 11:26, 27 Christ’s Question to Each

John 11:30-45 The Open Grave at Bethany

John 11:43, 44 The Seventh Miracle in John’s Gospel — The Raising of Lazarus

John 11:49, 50 Caiaphas

John 11:1-11 Love’s Prodigality Censured and Vindicated

John 12:12-26 A New Kind of King

John 12:26 After Christ: With Christ

John 12:32 The Universal Magnet

John 12:34 The Son of Man

John 12:35, 36 A Parting Warning

John 13:1 The Love of the Departing Christ

John 13:3-5 The Servant-master

John 13:27 The Dismissal of Judas

John 13:31, 32 The Glory of the Cross

John 13:33 Cannot and Can

John 13:33 Seeking Jesus

John 13:34, 35 'As I Have Loved’

John 13:37, 38 Quo Vadis?

John 13:38 A Rash Vow

John 14:1 Faith in God and Christ

John 14:2 'John 14:Many Mansions’

John 14:2, 3 The Forerunner

John 14:4-7 The Way

John 14:8-11 The True Vision of God

John 14:12-14 Christ’s Works and Ours

John 14:15 Love and Obedience

John 14:16, 17 The Comforter Given

John 14:18, 19 The Absent Present Christ

John 14:20, 21 The Gifts of the Present Christ

John 14:22-24 Who Bring Christ

John 14:25, 26 The Teacher Spirit

John 14:27 Christ’s Peace

John 14:28, 29 Joy and Faith, the Fruits of Christ’s Departure

John 14:30, 31 Christ Foreseeing His Passion

John 15:1-4 The True Vine

John 15:5-8 The True Branches of the True Vine

John 15:9-11 Abiding in Love

John 15:12, 13 The Oneness of the Branches

John 15:14-17 Christ’s Friends

John 15:18-20 Sheep among Wolves

John 15:21-25 The World’s Hatred, as Christ Saw It

John 15:26, 27 Our Ally

John 16:1-6 Why Christ Speaks

John 16:7, 8 The Departing Christ and the Coming Spirit

John 16:9-11 The Convicting Facts

John 16:12-15 The Guide into All Truth

John 16:16-19 Christ’s ‘Little Whiles’

John 16:20-22 Sorrow Turned into Joy

John 16:23, 24 'In That Day’

John 16:25-27 The Joys of ‘That Day’

John 16:28 'From’ and ‘To’

John 16:29-32 Glad Confession and Sad Warning

John 16:33 Peace and Victory

John 17:1-19 The Intercessor

John 17:14-16 'The Lord Thee Keeps’

John 17:20-26 The High Priest’s Prayer

John 24 The Folded Flock

John 17:26 Christ’s Summary of His Work

John 18:6-9 Christ and His Captors

John 18:15-27 Jesus before Caiaphas

John 18:28-40 Art Thou a King?

John 19:1-16 Jesus Sentenced

John 19:17-30 An Eye-witness’s Account of the Crucifixion

John 19:19 The Title on the Cross

John 19:22 The Irrevocable Past

John 19:30, Rev 21:6 Christ’s Finished and Unfinished Work

John 19:36 Christ Our Passover

John 19:38, 39 Joseph and Nicodemus

John 19:41 The Grave in a Garden

John 20:1-18 The Resurrection Morning

John 20:21-23 The Risen Lord’s Charge and Gift

John 20:28 Thomas and Jesus

John 20:30, 31 The Silence of Scripture

John 21:2 An Eloquent Catalogue

John 21:4 The Beach and the Sea

John 21:7 'It Is the Lord!’

John 21:15 'Lovest Thou Me?’

John 21:18, 19 Youth and Age, and the Command for Both

John 21:21, 22 They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait’

A W Pink
Exposition of the Gospel of John
See Caveat regarding Pink Click
How Do You Approach Interpretation of God's Word?

Pdf of the 524 Page Commentary - added Jan 23, 2014

1. Introduction

2. Christ, the Eternal Word (John 1:1-13)

3. Christ, the Word Incarnate (John 1:14-18)

4. Christ's Forerunner (John 1:19-34)

5. Christ and His First Disciples (John 1:35-51)

6. Christ's First Miracle (John 2:1-11)

7. Christ Cleansing the Temple (John 2:12-20)

8. Christ and Nicodemus (John 3:1-8)

9. Christ and Nicodemus, Concluded  (John 3:9-21)

10. Christ Magnified by His Forerunner (John 3:22-36)

11. Christ at Sychar's Well (John 4:1-6)

12. Christ at Sychar's Well, Continued (John 4:7-10)

13. Christ at Sychar's Well, Continued (John 4:11-19)

14. Christ at Sychar's Well, Concluded (John 4:20-30)

15. Christ in Samaria (John 4:31-42)

16. Christ in Galilee (John 4:43-54)

17. Christ at the Pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-15)

18. The Deity of Christ: Sevenfold Proof (John 5:16-30)

19. The Deity of Christ: Threefold Witness (John 5:31-47)

20. Christ Feeding the Multitude (John 6:1-13)

21. Christ Walking in the Sea (John 6:14-27)

22. Christ the Bread of Life (John 6:28-40)

23. Christ in the Capernaum Synagogue (John 6:41-59)

24. Christ and His Disciples (John 6:60-71)

25. Christ and the Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:1-13)

26. Christ Teaching in the Temple (John 7:14-31)

27. Christ Teaching in the Temple, Concluded (John 7:32-53)

28. Christ and the Adulterous Woman (John 8:1-11)

29. Christ the Light of the World (John 8:12-32)

30. Christ the Light of the World, Concluded (John 8:33-59)

31. Christ and the Blind Beggar (John 9:1-7)

32. Christ and the Blind Beggar, Continued (John 9:8-23)

33. Christ and the Blind Beggar, Concluded (John 9:24-41)

34. Christ the Door (John 10:1-10)

35. Christ the Good Shepherd (John 10:11-21)

36. Christ One with the Father (John 10:32-42)

37. Christ Raising Lazarus (John 11:1-10)

38. Christ Raising Lazarus, Continued (John 11:11-27)

39. Christ Raising Lazarus, Concluded (John 11:28-44)

40. Christ Feared by the Sanhedrin (John 11:45-57)

41. Christ Anointed at Bethany (John 12:1-11)

42. Christ's Entry into Jerusalem (John 12:12-20)

43. Christ Sought by Gentiles (John 12:20-36)

44. Christ's Ministry Reviewed (John 12:37-50)

45. Christ Washing His Disciples Feet (John 13:1-11)

46. Christ's Example For Us (John 13:12-20)

47. Christ's Warnings (John 13:21-28)

48. Christ Comforting His Disciples (John 14:1-11)

49. Christ Comforting His Disciples, Continued (John 14:12-20)

50. Christ Comforting His Disciples, Concluded (John 14:21-31)

51. Christ the True Vine (John 15:1-6)

52. Christ the True Vine, Concluded (John 15:7-16)

53. Christ Fortifying His Disciples (John 15:17-27)

54. Christ Vindicate by the Spirit (John 16:1-11)

55. Christ Glorified by the Spirit (John 16:12-22)

56. Christ's Concluding Consolations (John 16:23-33)

57. Christ's Interceding (John 17:1-5)

58. Christ's Interceding, Continued (John 17:6-12)

59. Christ's Interceding, Continued (John 17:13-19)

60 Christ's Interceding, Concluded (John 17:20-26)

61. Christ in the Garden (John 18:1-11)

62. Christ Before Annas (John 18:12-27)

63. Christ Before Pilate (John 18:28-40)

64. Christ Before Pilate, Concluded (John 19:1-11)

65. Christ Condemned to Death (John 19:12-24)

66. Christ Laying Down His Life (John 19:25-42)

67. Christ Risen From the Dead (John 20:1-10)

68. Christ Appearing to His Own (John 20:11-23)

69. Christ and Thomas (John 20:24-31)

70. Christ by the Sea of Tiberius (John 21:1-14)

71. Christ and Peter (John 21:15-25)

72. Conclusion

John Piper
Sermons on the Gospel of John
Updated January 12, 2014

John 1:1-5 Triumphant Light 

John 1:1-3 In the Beginning Was the Word

John 1:1-18 The Word Was God and Became Flesh  
John 1:1-18 The Word Was Made Flesh

John 1:1-13 In Him Was Life

John 1:1-14 Faith- Unique and Fruitful Effect of the New Birth

John 1:6-36 John Was Not the Light, But a Witness to the Light

John 1:14-18 From His Fullness We Have All Received, Grace Upon Grace

John 1:14-18 We Beheld His Glory, Full of Grace and Truth

John 1:19-34 Behold the Lamb of God

John 1:25-34 This Is He Who Baptizes with the Holy Spirit

John 1:35-51 We Have Found the Messiah

John 1:43-51 Probability, Prejudice, and Christ

John 1:43-51 Son of God, Son of Man, King of Israel

John 1:6-8 A Burning Witness to the Light

John 1:9-13 How to Become a Child of God

John 1:14-18 The Word Became Flesh


John 2:1-11 Obedient Son, Ultimate Purifier, All-Providing Bridegroom

John 2:12-22 Destroy This Temple, and in Three Days I Will Raise It Up

John 2:23-25 He Knew What Was in Man

John 2:15 A Vision for Harvest

John 2:19 Jesus is Alive to Serve


John 3:1-10 Creation, Fall, Redemption, and the Holy Spirit

John 3:1-10 The Free Will of the Wind

John 3:1-15 The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up—Like the Serpent

John 3:1-10 What Happens in the New Birth?

John 3:1-10 What Happens in the New Birth?- Part 2

John 3:1-18 You Must Be Born Again

John 3:5-8 Role of the Holy Spirit in Conversion

John 3:9-18 God So Loved the World, Part 1

John 3:14-18 God So Loved the World, Part 2

John 3:16-21 This Is the Judgment- Light Has Come into the World

John 3:22-30 He Must Increase, I Must Decrease

John 3:31-36 The Father Has Given All Things into Jesus’ Hands

John 3:16 The Danger: Perishing

John 3:16 The Design: Love

John 3:16 The Destiny: Eternal Life

John 3:16 The Duty: Faith


John 4:1-15 You Will Never Be Thirsty Again

John 4:16-26 God Seeks People to Worship Him in Spirit and Truth

John 4:16-30 The Tragic Cost of Her Cavernous Thirst

John 4:27-42 The Food of Christ Is to Give Eternal Life

John 4:43-54 Go, Your Son Will Live

John 4:16-26 God Seeks People to Worship Him

John 4:16-30 Not in This or That Mount, but in Spirit and Truth

John 4:31-38 Vision for the Harvest


John 5:1-18 Healed for the Sake of Holiness

John 5:1-24 Jesus- Equal with God

John 5:25-29 The Life-Giving Voice of the Son of God

John 5:30-47 The Love of Human Praise as the Root of Unbelief

John 5:33-47 If You Believed Moses, You Would Believe Me


John 6:1-15 The All-Providing King Who Would Not Be King

John 6:16-29 Twelve Baskets of Bread and the Walk on Water

John 6:22-29 Do Not Labor for the Food That Perishes

John 6:27 Do Not Labor for Food Which Perishes

John 6:27-40 Behold, Believe, Be Raised

John 6:22-29 Do Not Labor for the Food Which Perishes

John 6:41-51 Skeptical Grumbling and Sovereign Grace

John 6:41-51 They Will All Be Taught of God

John 6:52-71 It Is the Spirit That Gives Life

John 6:60-71 You Have the Words of Eternal Life


John 7:1-18 Jesus Is Precious Because His Biblical Portrait Is True, Part 2

John 7:1-24 Willing God's Will As a Way of Knowing Christ's Word
John 7:1-24 The Common Root of Unbelief in the Brothers of Jesus and the Jewish Crowds
John 7:14-18 Preparing To Receive Christ (II)

John 7:25-29 Out of Your Heart Will Flow Rivers of Living Water
John 7:37,38 Rivers from the Heart

John 7:40-52 No One Ever Spoke Like This Man!

John 7:53-8:11 Neither Do I Condemn You


John 8:48-59 You Will Never See Death

John 8:31 If You Abide in My Word, You Are Truly My Disciples

John 8:12-30 I Am the Light of the World

John 8:30-59 The Truth Will Set You Free

John 8:30-36 You Will Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free


John 9:1-23 Why Was This Child Born Blind

John 9:1-7 Born Blind for the Glory of God

John 9:1-39 The Works of God and the Worship of Jesus

John 9:35-41 For Judgment I Came into This World


John 10:11-18 I Have Authority to Lay it Down

John 10:1-21 My Abandoned Life for Your Abundant Life

John 10:14-18 The Depth of Christ's Love: Its Freedom

John 10:11-18 I Have Other Sheep That Are Not of This Fold

John 10:15-16 I Have Other Sheep That Are Not Of This Fold

John 10:16 I Have Other Sheep

John 10:16 I Am God Almighty, Be Fruitful

John 10:22-30 Jesus Is Precious Because He Gives Eternal Life

John 10:22-42 I and the Father Are One


John 11:1-44 A Meditation - Funeral Message

John 11:1-16 This Illness Is for the Glory of God

John 11:17-44 Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life

John 11:45-57 Jesus Died to Gather the Children of God

John 11:25 Jesus Is Alive to Serve


John 12:13 Hosanna!

John 12:1-11 Leave Her Alone, Judas, This Is for My Burial

John 12:12-26 If a Grain of Wheat Dies, It Bears Much Fruit
John 12:20-26 Where I Am There Will My Servant Be- A Call to Treasure Christ Together
John 12:20-26 Dying As A Means Of Loving Part One

John 12:27-36 For This Purpose I Have Come to This Hour

John 12:37-50 Belief in Jesus- Its Barriers and Blessings

John 12:20-33 The Hour Has Come for the Son of Man to Be Glorified


John 13:12-20 Sovereign Sacrifice: Foreknown, Foretold, for Faith

John 13:1 Being Loved by Christ

John 13:1-20 For His Sake and for Your Joy, Go Low

John 13:21-38 You Cannot Follow Me Now

John 13:31-35 The New Commandment of Christ- Love One Another As I Have Loved You

John 13:31-38 s I Have Loved You, Love One Another


John 14:1-11 I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

John 14:12-14 Doing the Works of Jesus and Greater Works
John 14:15-17, 25-26; 15:26-27; 16:7-15 The Holy Spirit- He Is God!

John 14:15-24 If Anyone Loves Me He Will Keep My Word
John 14:15-24 Test of Authenticity

John 14:25-31 My Peace I Give To You; Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled


John 15:1-8 Praying From the Fullness of the Word

John 15:7 Ask Whatever You Wish

John 15:7 If My Words Abide in You

John 15:16 I Chose You to Bear Fruit

John 15:1-7 If My Words Abide in You


John 16:16-24 Put in the Fire for the Sake of Prayer

John 16:16-24 No One Will Take Your Joy from You

John 16:22 Irrevocable Joy

John 16:24 Prayer: The Power of Christian Hedonism


John 18:37 Christmas and the Cause of Truth

John 18:37 Jesus Came to be Trusted


John 19:26,27 The Third Word From the Cross


John 20:1-23 I Have Seen the Lord

John 20:19-23 The Risen Christ — His Peace, Power, and Purpose

J C Ryle
Expository Commentary on John

John 1

John 2

John 3

John 4

John 5

John 6

John 7

John 8

John 9

John 10

John 11

John 12

John 13

John 14

John 15

John 16

John 17

John 18

John 19

John 20

John 21


John 1

John 2

John 3

John 4

John 5

John 6

John 7

John 8

John 9
John 10

John 11

John 12

John 13

John 14

John 15

John 16

John 17

John 18

John 19

John 20

John 21

Charles Simeon
Expository Sermons on John

NOTE: If you are not familiar with the great saint Charles Simeon see Dr John Piper's discussion of Simeon's life - you will want to read Simeon's sermons after meeting him! - click Brothers We Must Not Mind a Little Suffering (Mp3 even better)


John 1

John 2

John 3

John 4

John 5

John 6

John 7

John 8

John 9

John 10

John 11

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John 1:1 The Divinity of Christ

John 1:9 Christ the Only True Light

John 1:10-12 Benefit of Receiving Christ

John 1:13 Christians Born of God

John 1:14 Incarnation and Character of Christ

John 1:16 The Believer's Interest in Christ's Fulness

John 1:18 The Manifestation Which Christ Has Given of the Father

John 1:29 Christ the Lamb of God

John 1:45 Sight of Jesus, A Source of Joy

John 1:46 Evil and Cure of Prejudice

John 1:47 An Israelite Indeed

John 2:11 The Water Turned Into Wine

John 2:17 Buyers and Sellers Driven Out

John 2:18, 19 The Resurrection, A Proof of Christ's Messiahship

John 3:3 The Nature and Necessity of Regeneration

John 3:14, 15 The Brazen Serpent A Type of Christ

John 3:16 The Love of God in Giving His Son for Man

John 3:17 The End For Which God Sent His Son

John 3:19-21 Men's Hatred of the Light

John 3:29, 30 Conversion of Souls A Ground of Joy

John 3:36 The Necessity of Faith in Christ

John 4:10 Christ A Fountain of Living Water

John 4:14 The Living Water

John 4:22 Salvation is of the Jews

John 4:24 The Worship Which God Requires

John 4:29 Conviction of Sin, A Preparation for Salvation

John 4:34 Christ's Diligence in Serving God

John 4:35, 36 The Happy State of the Church

John 4:41, 42 Conversion of the Samaritans

John 4:49-51 The Nobleman's Son Cured

John 5:14 The Man Healed at the Pool of Bethesda

John 5:17, 18 Christ's Equality with the Father

John 5:21-23 Christ's Vindication of His Own Divine Character

John 5:24 The Believer's Happy State

John 5:28, 29 The Resurrection

John 5:35 John Baptist's Character

John 5:39 Christ's Appeal to the Scriptures

John 5:40 The True Reason of Men's Destruction

John 5:42 Men's Want of Love to God

John 5:44 Faith Incompatible With the Love of Man's Applause

John 5:45, 46 Unbelief Rebuked

John 6:14 Christ's Messiahship Proved

John 6:27 Laboring For Heaven

John 6:28, 29 The Necessity of Faith in Christ

John 6:34 The Living Bread

John 6:37 Christ's Willingness to Receive Sinners

John 6:44 Man's Inability to Come to Christ

John 6:53-55 The Importance of Living by Faith on Christ

John 6:60 The Gospel a Ground of Offense

John 6:67-69 Christ the One Source of Eternal Life

John 6:67-69 No Saviour But the Lord Jesus

John 6:70 One of the Apostles A Devil

John 7:17 Connection Between Piety and Knowledge

John 7:36 Christ May be Sought Too Late

John 7:37, 38 Christ's Offer of the Spirit

John 8:10, 11 - The Woman Taken In Adultery Dismissed

John 8:12 Christ the Light of the World

John 8:21 Meetness For Heaven Necessary

John 8:24 Danger of Rejecting Christ

John 8:36 The Liberty Which Christ Gives His People

John 8:39 The True Children of Abraham

John 8:42 Love to Christ A Test of Our Relation to God

John 8:46 Unbelief Traced to Its Source

John 8:56 Abraham's Views of Christ

John 9:4 The Need of Working While it is Day

John 9:6, 7 The Blind Man Healed at the Pool of Siloam

John 9:35-38 Disposition to Be Exercised Towards the Gospel

John 9:39 Discriminating Effects of the Gospel

John 10:9 The Good Shepherd

John 10:10: Life Abundantly by Christ

John 10:17, 18 Voluntariness of Christ's Undertaking

John 10:27, 28 Security of Christ's Sheep

John 10:30 Christ One With the Father

John 11:25, 26 Christ the Resurrection and the Life

John 11:35 Jesus Wept

John 11:40 Lazarus Raised

John 11:51, 52 The Prophetic Counsel of Caiaphas

John 12:23, 24 Our Lord's Views of His Own Death

John 12:26 The Benefit of Following Christ

John 12:27, 28 Christ's Resignation

John 12:31, 32 The Effects of Christ's Death

John 12:35, 36 The Duty of Walking in the Light

John 12:42, 43 The Danger of Loving the Praise of Men

John 12:48 Men Judged by the Gospel

John 13:12-15 Christ's Condescension

John 13:17 Practical Religion Enforced

John 13:18 Ingratitude Depicted

John 13:31, 32 God Glorified in His Son

John 14:1 Faith in Christ An Antidote to All Trouble

John 14:2, 3 The Comfort to Be Derived from Christ's Ascension

John 14:6 No Way to God But Through Christ

John 14:8-11 Christ One With the Father

John 14:13. 14 Christ Engages to Answer Prayer

John 14:15-17 The Gift of the Spirit An Encouragement to Obedience

John 14:19 Our Life Dependent on the Life of Christ

John 14:21  Obedience the Test of Our Love to Christ

John 15:1,2 Christians Branches of the True Vine

John 15:5 Our Impotence Without Christ

John 15:8 Fruitfulness in Good Works

John 15:9 The Father's Love to Christ and Christ's to Us

John 15:11 Christianity Intended to Promote Our Happiness

John 15:12 Love to the Brethren

John 15:15 Christ's Followers His Friends

John 15:16 The Doctrine of Election Explained

John 15:18-20 Consolation to the Persecuted

John 15:22 The Great Sin of Rejecting Christ

John 15:23 Hatred of Christ is Hatred of the Father

John 15:26 The Personality and Office of the Holy Spirit

John 16:8-11 Offices of the Holy Spirit

John 16:14 The Office of the Spirit to Glorify Christ

John 16:24 The Benefit of Prayer

John 16:27 The Objects of the Father's Love

John 16:31 An Inquiry into the Reality and Degree of our Faith

John 17:1 Our Lord's Prayer to be Glorified On Earth

John 17:1 Christ's Power to Give Eternal Life

John 17:4,5 Our Lord's Dying Appeal to God

John 17:9, 10 The Objects of Our Lord's Intercession

John 17:15 Preservation From Sin More Desirable than Deliverance from Affliction

John 17:16 Christians Are not of the World

John 17:19 The End for Which Christ Dedicated Himself to God

John 17:20, 21 The Importance of Union Among Christians

John 17:22 The Glory Which Christ Gives To His People

John 17:24 Christ's Intercession

John 18:4-9 Christ's Enemies Smitten Down by a Word

John 18:19-23 Jesus Smitten in the High Priest's Palace

John 18:37 Christ's Good Confession

John 18:38 Pilate's Inquiry About Truth

John 19:5 Pilate's Further Attempt to Save Jesus

John 19:19-22 The Superscription Affixed to the Cross

John 19:23, 24 Casting Lots for Our Lord's Vesture

John 19:26, 27 Jesus Commends His Mother to John's Care

John 19:28-30 Our Savior's Death

John 19:30 Christ's Work Finished

John 19:31-37 The Treatment of Our Lord's Body on the Cross

John 19:38-42 The Burial of Jesus

John 19:39 Character of Nicodemus

John 20:8, 9 The Resurrection of Christ

John 20:21-23 Inspiration and Authority of the Apostles

John 20:27, 28 Thomas' Unbelief Reproved

John 20:30, 31 The Use and Intent of Our Lord's Miracles

John 21:17 Inquiries About Love to Christ

Ray Stedman
Sermons on John

John 1

John 1:1-4 Who is Jesus?

John 1:5-13 Hello Darkness

John 1:14-18 The Stranger of Galilee

John 1:19-34 Call the First Witness

John 1:35-51 The Man Who Knew Men

John 2

John 2:1-11 Water to Wine

John 2:12-25 The Temple Cleanser

John 3

John 3:1-16 Born of the Spirit

John 3:16-36 The Best Possible News

John 4

John 4:1-42 The Man who Understood Women

John 4:43-54 Faith's Encouragement

John 5

John 5:1-17 Do You Want to Get Well?

John 5:18-20 The Secret of Jesus

John 5:21-30 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

John 5:31-47 The Credentials of Jesus

John 6

John 6:1-15 The Testing of Faith

John 6:16-21 The New Resource

John 6:22-40 What Are you Working For?

John 6:41-59 Life With God

John 6:60-71 To Whom Shall We Go?

John 7

John 7:1-24 Is Jesus for Real?

John 7:25-52 For Those who Thirst

John 8

John 8:1-11 Judging the Judges

John 8:12-30 The Breakthrough Point
John 8:31-47 Straight Talk from Jesus

John 8:48-59 The Choice

John 9

John 9:1-39 Believing is Seeing

John 10

John 10:1-21 The Shepherd and His Sheep

John 10:22-42 Mad Man or God-Man?

John 11

John 11:1-16 God's Strange Ways

John 11:17-44 Death's Conqueror

John 11:45-54 What's Going On?

John 11:55-12:10 Worship or Waste?

John 12

John 12:12-26 Triumph or Tragedy?

John 12:27-50 Faithful Belief and Fatal Unbelief

John 13

John 13:1-17 Servant Authority

John 13:18-38 The One Commandment

John 14

John 14:1-14 The Cure for Heart Trouble

John 14:15-31 That Other Helper

John 15

John 15:1-11 The Vine and its Fruit

John 15:12-16:4 Loving Amidst Hate

John 16

John 16:5-33 The New Strategy

John 17

John 17 The Longest Prayer

John 18

John 18:1-19:3 The Way to the Cross

John 19

John 19:4-42 He Endured the Cross

John 20

John 20:1-18 The Incredible Hope

John 20:19-31 The New Commission

John 21

John 21 Breakfast by the Sea

Ray Stedman
Devotionals on John 13-17

1st A Living Parable  — (John 13:1, 2) Actions speak louder than words. How do we demonstrate the highest form of love - even to those who may not deserve it?

2nd The Drama Of Redemption —  (John 13:3, 4,5)  What does it mean to serve humbly with a servant's heart? How are we working out Jesus' amazing discipleship parable in our lives?

3rd Prideful Humility — (John 13:6, 7, 8, 9) What is behind our strong sense of independence? Where do we find sufficiency for our needs?

4th When You Don't Need A Bath! — (John 13:10, 11) What is behind feeling detached from a loving God? When we feel out of relationship with Jesus Christ, what can we we choose to do?

5th Washing Feet — (John 13:12, 13, 14,1 5,16, 17)  Which is stronger - our sense of forgiveness, or our desire for revenge? What does Jesus mean when He says that we ought to wash one another's feet?

6th No Other Way — (John 13:18, 19, 20) How do we receive Godly people who lovingly confront us with problems of sin in our life? Does our focus shift to judging them, our rightness, or the Lord's words?

7th The Point Of No Return — (John 13:21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30) How can resisting God's provision take us to the point of no return? How can accepting God's provision in Christ also take us to a point of no return?

8th The Secret Of Glory — (John 13:31, 32, 33, 34, 35) What is the secret of glory? How do we achieve the personal fulfillment we are quite properly wanting?

9th Betrayal Or Denial? — (John 13:36, 37, 38) What is our understanding of love? Where does our love originate and thus whose love is it?

10th The Cure For Troubled Hearts —  (John 14:1, 2, 3) Our hearts can often be troubled because of our circumstances. Can we choose not to have troubled hearts?

11th The Inclusiveness And Exclusiveness Of Jesus — (John 14:4, 5, 6, 7) Is there more than one way to come to God? What do you think we must do to find God?

12th The Secret Of His Being  — (John 14:8, 9, 10, 11) What is the secret of our being? How can we rest from our striving and simply rest in loving?

13th Greater Works  — (John 14:12, 13, 14) How are we an influence in the spiritual realm here on earth? Is our faith the center of this life and the basis of our desires?

14th In His Name — (John 14:13, 14) What does praying in Jesus' name mean? How can we both wait for and presently live a joyful life everyday?

15th The Secret Of Our Identity — (John 14:15, 16, 17, 18, 29, 20) What is the ultimate secret of our lives? How can we know this is the truth? How is our identity related to our reality?

16th What Does It Take To Obey? — (John 14:21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26) If it takes love to obey, what produces love? Why is our identity in Christ so interwoven with finding love and the exercise of its power?

17th The Inheritance Of Peace — (John 14:27, 28, 29, 30, 31) How does the world give you peace? Can there really be a cure for a troubled heart?

18th God's Vineyard — (John 15:1, 2, 3) What beautiful analogy has helped many people understand the relationship God wants us to know?

19th Active And Passive —  (John 15:4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) What is the tremendous difference between our will power and our activity power - between our power to choose and our power to do?

20th The Greatest Love — (John 15:12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17) What does it mean to love one another? How can we love someone we are not drawn to? What role do feelings play in loving others?

21st The Witness  — (John 15:18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 16:1, 2, 3)What is to be our response when we see or experience hate in the world? What is the way we can be an effective witness?

22nd The Spirit, The World, And You — (John 16:4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) How does God convince the world of (the one) sin, righteousness and judgment? How do people realize that there is clear-cut righteousness and absolute evil?

23rd All That Is Mine Is Yours — (John 16:12, 13, 14, 15) If we learn to think like Jesus, will it enhance our comprehension and enjoyment of truth in any area of life?

24th From Sorrow To Joy — (John 16:16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 21, 22, 23, 24) In times of difficulty, do we focus on how long our trial will last? How can our very sorrow produce joy?

25th A Different Kind Of Peace — (John 16:25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33) When we have trouble at work, home or elsewhere, how does it affect our attitude? Why is real peace a result of trust in the person of Jesus?

26th A Prayer For Glory — (John 17:1, 2, 3)  Can our finite knowledge bring lasting peace? Do we seek to know the One in whom we may have this peace?

27th Praying What Is Promised —  (John 17:4, 5, 6, 7, 8) Why should we pray if God knows what is going to happen? Have we learned to pray based on the promises of God?

28th Jesus Prays For His Own — (John 17:9, 10) Of the many blessings one can have in life, what would be the greatest blessing? How do we experience drawing close to God?

29th In The World — (John 17:11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19) As we enter each day, do we acknowledge our vulnerability to the many guises of evil? Do our lives evidence the ownership of Jesus?

30th True Unity — (John 17:20, 21, 22, 23) What unity do we demonstrate so the world can see how Jesus holds the key to reality and is indeed the revelation of the invisible God?

31st Our Great Hope — (John 17:24, 25, 26) Must we wait for heaven? Do our lives reflect the glory of Jesus today as well as our hope to behold His glory in the future?

Tim Temple
Sermons on John

Introduction to the Gospel of John

Introduction to the Son of God

John 1

The Light in the Darkness

The Voice in the Wilderness

The Inception of Ministry

John 2

A Study in Contrasts

The Cleansing of the Temple

The Evening Services

John 3

The Place of Service

John 4

The Woman at the Well


John 5

Working on the Sabbath

Like Father, Like Son

Who Is Jesus

John 6

Dinner on the Grounds

The Bread of Life

Never Hungry or Thirsty

John 7

Conflict in the Home

Controversy at the Feast

The Water of Life

John 8

Exposure to the Light

The Explanation of Light

Looking at the Light

The Extension of the Light

The Exit of the Light

John 9

The Purpose of Blindness

The Blind Leading the Blind

John 10

The Good Shepherd

Who is the Good Shepherd

John 11

Ignoring Illness

Jesus Wept

A Tender Encouragement

John 12

The Triumphal Entry

Teaching Eternal Principles

John 13

Washing Dirty Feet

The Darkest Night

Following Jesus

John 14

Going Home

Why Do You Have to Go?

Greater Works that These

John 15

Personal Relationships


John 16

Preparing for the Future

A Readjustment of Perspective

John 17

The Lord's Prayer

The Closing Prayer

Family Prayer

John 18

The Trials of Jesus

Jesus and Peter

Jesus and the Jury

John 19

What Will You Do With Jesus

The Judgment Day

The Descent from the Cross

John 20

A Surprise in the Garden

Personal Encounters With Christ

I'll Believe It When I See It

John 21

A Great Fishing Trip

The Last Breakfast


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